Frequently Asked Questions

Verification FAQ

Once you have created an account, click your ‘Username’ > ‘Verification Tab’ from the drop down menu located in the top-right corner of the screen. Please follow all of the instructions carefully. This way you don’t have to do it again!

Coinsquare will try and verify all accounts as quickly as possible, but please allow for a turnaround time of 1 business day. Thanks in advance for your patience!

Currently Coinsquare can only verify users who can prove Canadian citizenship or Canadian Residency (must have valid and non-expired documents)

Acceptable Documents: Driver’s Licence, Passport, National Identity Card, Permanent Resident Card OR Health Card (Quebec Only)

Recent utility bills (water, electricity, internet, cable) that are no older than 4 months. These documents must show both NAME and ADDRESS to be accepted for verification. We don’t mean to be so specific, but regulations say we have to have up to date information.

Yes. Corporate accounts can become registered and verified on Coinsquare, but each corporation will be verified on a case-by-case basis. Corporations will have to complete a corpororate verification form and follow all steps and provide the required documentation, as stated within the ticket. Please open a ticket for any additional requests for a corporate account.

Please be patient and retry uploading. Try logging out and signing back in. If the same error occurs please try re-uploading on a separate internet browser. If you are still receiving the error, please file a support ticket and state the steps/measures you took in regards to uploading documentation.

Please ensure your current address is used in the registration process. Please upload any documentation that can prove your residency at this current address within the last 4 months. If this documentation is valid and proves your address, your account will be eligible for verification.

Funding FAQ

Once signed into your account click: 'Fund/Withdraw Tab' > 'Select the Coin you want to fund from drop down menu on left hand side' > "Get Address" > Copy your funding address and apply it within your external wallet > ‘Confirm via email’

If fiat currency is used to fund the account (even if you purchase coins with this funded fiat), a withholding limit will be activated as collateral and will restrict users from withdrawing these withheld funds.

Withholding will be active on the full amount funded, any generated value greater than the funded amount will immediately be available for withdrawal.

New users must initially send $100 for their first e-transfer so Coinsquare can verify the sending account. Once verified, users will receive an email that this $100 is credited to the user’s Coinsquare account. After the first account funding, users have the option of gradually increasing their e-transfer funding amounts to a maximum of $3000 (example: $100 > $500 > $1500 > $3000)

E-transfers are done manually and will take 1-3 business days depending on the backlog of requests. Please be patient on weekends and during periods of high market volatility. It seems everyone wants to fund all at once sometimes!

Visit the “Funding” tab and create a support ticket (follow the instructions on the page). If your account qualifies for wire transfer funding (based on trading volume), the wire details will be supplied within the ticket. Wire transfers have a minimum $10,000 CAD requirement. Sorry, but they are expensive to manage.

Your account must be verified in order to fund CAD. In order to become verified, you must at a minimum provide Photo Identification and proof of Canadian Residency.

Due to a backlog of e-transfer requests and banking limitations, please allow for 1 business before filing a ticket regarding ‘Not having funds in your account.’ Coinsquare makes it a priority to credit funds as quickly as we can.

Please file a support ticket and ensure you have all the applicable information ready (all reference IDs). State the funding method, date, etc. and allow us to investigate the issue at hand.

No, Coinsquare only allows funding via personal bank accounts. Coinsquare verifies all user bank accounts and associates them to the proper Coinsquare accounts. We will not credit your account UNLESS the ownership of the bank account is proven.

Withdrawal FAQ

Locate CAD Withdrawal here: 'Fund/Withdraw Tab' > *Select CAD from the drop down menu on the left hand side* > 'Ensure Withdrawal is selected' > * Enter amount and method* > *Add bank account if you HAVE NOT done so (Account #, Transit #, Institution #)* > *Submit Request and Confirm via Email*

Locate COIN Withdrawal here: 'Fund/Withdraw Tab' > *Select COIN OF CHOICE from drop down menu on left hand side* > 'Ensure Withdrawal is selected' > * Supply your external ADDRESS and submit request* > *Confirm via Email*

Usually this is a result of one of the 3 following scenarios:

  1. Withholding Limits are active (occurs if your account has been funded with fiat): Limits will expire automatically.
  2. Open Orders are active on Advanced Trade: Please clear any open orders on the markets to be able to withdraw.
  3. Active Withdrawal Requests: Cancel any withdrawal requests currently outstanding on the withdrawal page, and resend (ensure you click on the confirmation link sent to your email inbox).

If fiat currency is used to fund the account (even if you purchase coins with this funded fiat), a withholding limit will be activated as collateral and will restrict users from withdrawing these withheld funds.

Withholding will be active on the full amount funded, any generated value greater than the funded amount will immediately be available for withdrawal.

Once withholding has been activated, it cannot be removed early as it has been implemented for security purposes and to comply with AML regulations. However, if you wish to be able to withdraw coins immediately you can fund using Flexepin. Note that Flexepins are automatically converted into BTC when funded.

At this time, ONLY e-Transfer withholding can be removed, by reaching an e-transfer funding threshold of: at least 5+ e-transfers that have a cumulative funding amount of $3,000+ CAD (both criteria must be met). All users will experience withholding on the final funding that satisfies this threshold, but once this withholding limitation expires you will not experience withholding on future e-Transfer funding.

You must provide your personal bank account information (Transit #, Account #, Institution #) and provide a void cheque or equivalent. Personal banking information is only required for withdrawals using direct bank deposit and/or wire transfer.

At the moment Coinsquare only allows withdrawals in CAD or digital assets.

Yes, coins can be withdrawn without verifying an account, using a personal wallet

CAD can only be withdrawn by verified accounts who have provided accurate banking information.

Interac e-Transfer = 1-3 Business days

Bank Transfer (EFT) = 1-5 Business days

Bank Wire = 1-9 Business days

No, Coinsquare does not allow users to withdraw funds to accounts they do not have ownership of. We only allow users to withdraw to personal verified accounts.

Confirmation emails should be sent within 5 minutes, please file a ticket after 30 minutes if you experience any email related errors.

You cannot cancel a withdrawal request AFTER you have clicked on the confirmation link in your email.

You can cancel a withdrawal request here, by scrolling down to the 'Withdrawals' section

General FAQ

For every person that you refer, once they complete the verification process and fund their account you will both receive $20.00.

Generally speaking the ticket turnaround time is 1-2 business days. Coinsquare has made it a priority to complete tickets ASAP so please be patient as we service all users. Customer service is our priority.

Click: ‘Transactions Tab’ > Ledger > ‘CSV Export button’

Please file a support ticket with your request, we will get to it as soon as we can.

2FA is an extra layer of security in addition to the password. When 2FA is enabled, you'll need to provide a unique access code that is generated on your device in order to login.

To activate Coinsquare 2FA: First, download Coinsquare Mobile app (for iOS or Android)

Visit your "Account Settings" page and click: 'Generate Key' > 'Scan QR Code using CS app' > 'Finalize/Submit''}

To activate Google 2FA: First, download Google's Authenticator App (for iOS or Android)

Visit your "Account Settings" page and click: "Generate Code" > "Scan QR with Authenticator App" > "Enter Activation Code" > "Submit"

Please send our Support team an email at to request a 2FA reset.

Please explain what happened and attach photo of yourself holding a piece of paper that clearly shows your Username and Account ID. This photo will be used to prove identity and ownership of your Coinsquare account.